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Late evening snack

and our last presentation, almost.

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Had our second to last presentation here in Thailand today, went quite well I guess even though it probably would've been better if the subject would've been more interesting. Marketing/coming up with a soap for the Asian market isn't my cup of tea really.

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These grilled "porksticks" are my cups of tea though this evening, really tasty to get some properly grilled meat now when the summer is on its way. Also had some pad thai as take away, have grown a little bit tired of it though during these three months. The rest of the evening was spent with one of the last school tasks but I do however have one last task to do tomorrow.

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Apparently I forgot to publish this post but here it is now anyways.

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Not many days left now

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Not even two weeks left now of my adventures down here in southeast Asia. This doesn't mean though that we still don't have loads to do until we receive some well earned days off before our departure back home. We have three days of school this week but large parts of all evenings will be spent with some kind of school related task. This evening I've occupied myself with doing some work for Dr. Air's marketing lecture we have tomorrow. Her name isn't really Dr. Air but since the teachers have figured out that their Thai names would be too hard to remember for us they have decided to make it too easy to remember them instead, so far we have had teacher with names like Dr. Beer, Ice, Prinda and other abbreviations that should sound similar to their Thai names.

Here is a look at the certificate we got last Thursday where you also can see the full name of all the courses we have had. Certificates and diplomas are quite a bit thing down here, hierarchy and education is taken quite seriously as well, so it was nice that we got a certificate worth showing off.


The unfinished powerpoint that I made this evening, the notes I've made during class though don't necessarily have anything to do with the subject.


Things are also starting to come together for this summer, just had a talk with my landlord so should have a place to stay at during the summer months.

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Born to run, in one way or another.

Yesterday we watched the game that was on and even though it it wasn't the most exciting game that I've seen it was quite entertaining. Two from our group decided to turn it into a drinking game, one shot for each goal Finland scored, but it didn't take long before their bottle was empty. After the game we went to a bar that was quite close by, it was the first time we went to this bar and it didn't take long before we noticed that it would've been good if we would have found this bar earlier during this trip.

This is turning out to be quite a short update but since we spent yesterday drinking and today just sleeping I don't have much to add to this post. Took some pictures yesterday though so I'll let them speak for them self.

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Daily updates?

Yeah right.

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Decided to not bring with me my computer to Pattaya but this was a good decision since the wireless internet at our hotel was pretty useless. But anyway, on Thursday we started the day with a meditation session with a monk in school. Quite interesting even tough we didn't do too much actual meditation, he gave some kind of lecture of how it works and something about the decisions we make in life or something. Later on in the afternoon we had a certificate ceremony with the school's president.

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In the evening we took a van to Pattaya, a place where all the scum in the world gather. Well not really but there were a lot of Russians there and didn't take long before you noticed the place is geared towards the Russian market, all signs were written in Russian etc. Of all places I have visited Pattaya is without doubt the one which has had the most questionable ethics. Each to their own I guess. On Friday we went to Koh Larn, which is an island located next to Pattaya, for some sunbathing and in the evening we saw the FIN-RUS game in the Finnish bar that was conveniently located right next to the hotel, was quite a pleasant surprise when we just happened to find it the evening before.

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The plans for this evening is to watch the game which for once is on at 20.00 (thaitime) already.

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Short week at school

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The trip back from Koh Chang on Monday went smooth, even though the weather turned sour when we were about to set foot on mainland again.

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The past two days has been spent in school and making school assignments. This evening though I went on a mission to Futurepark to buy pants. After three hours of searching I could consider the mission accomplished since I found four pants, all in a different color. Hopefully I won't have to worry about buying new pants in a while now. If I could just find a couple of nice shirts now as well...


Tomorrow we will have some kind of meditation session with a monk at school in the morning and in the afternoon we will receive some kind of certificate from the school's president. This of course has to be celebrated with a small trip again so this time quite many from our group are going to Pattaya for a couple of days. Might be a interesting trip considering the rumors surrounding this particular area in Thailand. Haven't decided if I'll bring my computer but if I do you will probably receive some kind of updates.

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