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So today we had our 5th real school day here in Thailand out of the 21 days we have stayed here. Quite a large change of pace and the whole week consists of schooldays that last from 9-19 basically. We are however going on a Spa trip on Thursday and to China Town on Friday, strictly for educational purposes though.

After we had freshened ourselves up after the Thai boxing class we went to the small market situated next to our apartment complex. The market has been closed for the last two weeks, due to school examinations and holidays, so it was a pleasant surprise that it was open now again. I had some fried vegetables (I believe it included some flowers as well) and fried chicken. For once I got a portion that i could consider large and for the first time during this exchange my stomach felt really filled with food.


There's also a guy making some really delightful fried pastries of some kind right by the street corner, I think the pastries are of Indian origin. Had some the other night and it was puffy and crispy at the same time. The skills of the guy who makes them is most impressive though, however he has probably made a couple of them throughout his life.


We went for some dessert slushies at the cow-bar as well, quite sure that's not the official name of the place but the theme of the place would make that name suitable.

IMG_0547.jpg IMG_0545.jpg IMG_0546.jpg

Now for some planning of my next large trip I'm taking in about 2 weeks.


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Koh Samet

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So the weekend was spent at the Bangkok getaway island Koh Samet, a three hour drive if the traffic isn't too bad. This tropical island is quite small, about 5 km long and 1 km wide, but still have plenty of beaches along its coast. We used a speed boat to get to the island, a wise decision since the larger boats seen in the picture would have taken close to one hour but now instead the ride only lasted about 10 minutes. The beach we stayed at was a bit quieter which was nice since the larger were full of tourists, mostly Russian. We spent our days mostly at the beach resting from the Laos trip and to get some color. Our accommodation was located about 50 meters from the beach and the rate was 250 baht/person/night, the rooms were pretty basic but served their function. The rooms even had fans which were surprisingly effective.

IMG_0481.jpg IMG_0485.jpg IMG_0490.jpg IMG_0492.jpg IMG_0497.jpg IMG_0520.jpg IMG_0524.jpg large_IMG_0534.jpg

The weekend spent at Koh Samet was my first actual experience on a tropical island and it was pretty much how I pictured it and it's definitely worth doing again, the next time on a more remote island perhaps.

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Daytrip to Laos

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During the past few days we've been on a small excursion to Laos. I'm calling it a small excursion since we spent most of our time in our bus, either driving to Laos or back to Rangsit from Laos. Truth be told, we only spent about 7 hours in Laos which is due to some really bad planning from the organizers of the trip. Don't know why they thought that spending one night in Laos would've been too much to ask for. But who am I to complain since basically everything was payed for and organized but still. This is a huge reason to why I prefer traveling alone so you can make all the decision by yourself.

During the first day of our trip we visited Phimai historical park which is one of the most important Khmer temples found in Thailand. This could almost be considered as one of the highlights of the trip since the architecture found at this site was quite impressive, even though it could be considered quite small. In the olden days it marked the end of the ancient Khmer highway that ran from Angkor, which is in Cambodia.

large_IMG_0383.jpg IMG_0388.jpg IMG_0409.jpg large_IMG_0390.jpg

On the second day after some struggling with visas and waiting at the border which occurred when we traveled both ways, we got in to Laos, or officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic which is a sneaky way of telling the world that you are a socialist country. Quite interesting to visit a socialist country since I not so long ago wrote a report of tourism in Cuba, another socialist country found in the world. During the day we were transported around in a bus with a local guide showing us the most important sights in Vientiane which is the capital of Laos. It was easy to notice that Laos isn't visited that often by westerners, at least not in such a large group as our.

large_IMG_0430.jpg IMG_0443.jpg IMG_0453.jpg IMG_0457.jpg

Today we spent the morning at the Indochina market found in Nongkhai. A bit nerve wracking at times when mopeds and other vehicles wanted to get through the narrow street. An elephant also wandered the streets, however it was in a leash for the enjoyment of tourists. If you paid a small amount you could feed the baby elephant. Still to some degree a bit more humane than the small birdcages, found in Vientiane, full with birds which you could set free for a fee. Lunch was eaten at a local restaurant somewhere along the road, roasted chicken and sticky rice. The grills they used were quite nice though and very effective. I also enjoyed the view over the might Mekong during our short stay in Nongkhai.

IMG_0467.jpg IMG_0468.jpg IMG_0471.jpg large_IMG_0469.jpg

So even though we only spent a few hours in Laos it was quite a nice trip where you had the opportunity to see a lot of stuff. I am at least able to show off a page in my passport now as proof that I've been there.

This was quite a quick update over the past few days, we only arrived to our rooms about one hour ago but we are leaving in about 8 hours again. This time we will be going to Koh Samet for some island chilling. More about this on Sunday.

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Today was supposed to be a day when I would do nothing at all but instead I took the opportunity to go to Futurepark for some light shopping. I actually found what I set out to find, two pairs of shorts. Additionally I found a towel but also two books, Robinson Crusoe and The Rum Diary, for some entertainment during long bus rides or for the days we happen to be at the beach chilling.


I also went and had a look at the small market found a few steps away from Futurepark. There wasn't that much activity there though, probably since today is Monday, but anyways saw some interesting things. One of the interesting things, maybe not that humane though, were the rabbits sold as pets for 150 baht, or 4 euro, a piece. At least i think they were sold as pets since they didn't look too meaty. That isn't the point though since PETA might anyways have something to say about the small cages they were caged up in and the apathetic expressions all of the rabbits had.


Today was a hot day again and I might have gone and burned my neck a little bit at the market but the most important thing is anyway to keep yourself hydrated. Good thing that you can get a bottle of water for 13 cents.


Tomorrow we will set off on our small trip to Laos so no update until Thursday evening.

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The weekend was spent in Chachoengsao at the Suntara Wellness resort. The school had arranged this trip for us and 150 other students. On our way to the hotel we made a stop at Wat Sothon. Nothing special about this temple in my opinion except that the marble floors were quite unique and the bunny statues in front of the temple were quite funny.

IMG_0336.jpg IMG_0346.jpg large_IMG_0342.jpg

When we arrived at the hotel we were divided into teams and had some competitions. Later on in the evening we enjoyed a buffet under the night sky. The beds at the hotel were a nice change from the rock mattresses found in our rooms.

IMG_0350.jpg IMG_0354.jpg

Tomorrow we have the day off to recharge our batteries before our small trip to Laos.

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