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Even though my day has consisted of quite a lot of schoolwork and our last spa session before the exam I feel it's much more interesting to talk about our small trip to Asiatique, which is located by a river. It could be considered an outdoor shopping mall to some extent even though the shops themselves have roofs, the general pathways don't have any which gave the impression that you would be outside constantly, which you to some extent actually are. There were a lot of nice clothes and other objects for sale there, however for quite a hefty sum.

Even though I didn't by any clothes I bought the first proper protein based meal in over a month which was worth every penny, a steak weighting in at 250g. The amount of protein that you in general get in a meal here around Rangsit is quite low so it was a nice change to get some proper meat. We also rode the ferris wheel to get a view of our surroundings and went to an Irish pub for a pint of some expensive Guinness.

IMG_0800.jpg IMG_0806.jpg IMG_0812.jpg IMG_0816.jpg

Tomorrow the school has arranged an international day which includes presentations given by students from different countries, there are probably some other activities going on as well so more on that tomorrow.

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Face masks

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Today during our spa class we got the opportunity to try an algae face masks, another new experience for me since I have never been bothered to try one before. Bit of a weird feeling when the masks starts to settle in and later on dries, wouldn't say that it's the most comfortable or nice feeling either. I don't really see the point or benefits of getting a face mask either after today's encounter with it, which will probably be the first and last one. We also got to try to get one small square of 99.99% proof gold massaged into our foreheads, another treatment that felt kinda useless. Sure, people might find in luxurious but the face/head massage that went with it was pleasant. Another thing we did during our spa class today was to make our own body scrubs, one with some coffee in it and another one with salt and something. Not sure what use I have of them though but I guess they'll be coming back home with me later in May.

EB8664322219AC68179860C4F0FA9F46.jpg IMG_0799.jpg

Speaking of home, here are some pictures of my current home here in Rangsit. Nothing to complain about since there is plenty of space to move around in here, an AC if the heat starts to get to me and a clean toilet. The only bad thing is the bed which almost reminds of the beds found in Dragsvik, however they were almost more comfortable than these from what I can recall.

IMG_0797.jpg IMG_0796.jpg IMG_0798.jpg

The rest of the evening will be spent with some schoolwork, it's not only one long vacation being down here.

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Easter weekend

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The weekend was spent in Bangkok again, however we started the day by visiting a large Chinese temple about one hour north of Bangkok. This was supposed to be one of the largest Chinese temples found in Thailand, then again it's one of the newer ones as well so the charm of seeing an old temple wasn't there.

large_IMG_0584.jpg IMG_0587.jpg IMG_0598.jpg

We also went and had a look at Chinatown, no good pictures from there though. Quite an interesting phenomena even though it was a bit crowded. After our visit we went to spend another weekend at Khaosan road. Saturday morning was spent on the rooftop swimming pool and in the afternoon we went to MBK for some light shopping and after a tuk-tuk that won't be that easily forgotten thanks to the driver having some trouble staying awake/being drunk/having some sort of major ticks, we got back to Khaosan. In the evening we had a look at the nightlife.

IMG_0627.jpg IMG_0630.jpg IMG_0650.jpg

On Sunday we got the idea to go and have a look at a tattoo temple. I have known about Wat Bang Phra for some years but truth be told it was a bit of a disappointment. Sure, there are monks giving tattoos in the traditional way with only a "needle-stick" and we were the only tourists there, then again I thought it would be more of a "Wow-experience" or we just happen to be there on a slow day. It was quite interesting though.

IMG_0767.jpg IMG_0782.jpg IMG_0770.jpg

This week we will have some kind of international day and on Wednesday we are going on some kind of excursion, we haven't gotten too much information about any of these events though so more on them when they actually happen.

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Sukhothai Spa and Wellness Centre

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So this morning we went on our spa trip. The spa that we visited was the Sukhothai Spa and Wellness Centre situated in Bangkok. It was a relatively small, but cozy, spa situated within some kind of school focusing on health and similar educations. The spa itself went in the color of dark brown, some white and quite a lot of wooden details and the music played were soothing noises of nature. They showed us four different areas of the spa: the reception, the aromatherapy section, the foot and Thai massage section. They also gave us some demonstrations over how they do the massages and let us smell the samples of different fragrances used in the various treatments. I let the pictures speak for themselves over what the demonstrations included.

F1FFDDC22219AC681783829C2A1577FC.jpg IMG_0568.jpg IMG_0571.jpg IMG_0573.jpg

And a small decor detail that was kinda nice.


When the "tour" was over six of our group had the opportunity to enjoy a Thai massage but since I already had got a small taste of it during the demonstrations I didn't care too much to go to one. Instead, the ones of us who were left went to a shop selling Thai special delicacies. I bought two kinds of snacks, or candy basically, one of them Royal Projects Crackers which is made of, amongst other items, shiitake and dried shrimp. Surprisingly delicious. The other thing I bought was some kind of candy made from fudge, nuts and coconut. This treat however was really good.

IMG_0576.jpg IMG_0578.jpg IMG_0577.jpg

Tomorrow we will be going to Chinatown and the easter weekend will be spent in Bangkok, stings a little bit since this is the third easter in a row that I won't be spending with my friends at home. Then again they say that if you are in Bangkok the world is your oyster.

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Since we had the morning off today I had the opportunity to catch up with some tv-series and sleep a little bit longer. I also had time to look through the market and see what kind of lunch alternatives you could find there. Found a small Chinese themed market stall where i ordered some fried mackerel with rice and salad, I also received some soup. Quite a nice lunch.


Today during our spa class we were taught how to give a Thai massage, or at least how to massage the legs and back of your body. We will move on to shoulders and arms during our next lecture. When you start giving the massage you quite quickly get a new sense of respect for those who does this on a daily basis as their work since it is quite physically demanding. Anyway, the main idea behind the massage is to put pressure with your thumbs on certain muscles and points of your body. One pressure point was on your thigh, however here you were supposed to cut the flow of blood to your legs with the palm of your hand for 45 seconds. Quite a strange and peculiar feeling when you let go of the pressure and the blood streamed back to your leg again.

IMG_0555.jpg IMG_0557.jpg

Here is the view from the room on the 7th floor in building 11 where we had our lecture.


And here's this evening's dessert, a banana/coconut pastry from the seller that I mentioned in the last post.


Tomorrow we will go on our spa trip so I guess you'll be updated about that tomorrow.

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