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Yesterday the international office at the school arranged a soccer game between the staff of Rangsit University and the STAR-students, STAR being the name of the program we attend. I didn't play since there weren't enough shirts but I don't find soccer that much fun either. I was there though to support our team but there we quite a lot of Thai students there as well. The STAR-students won the game 4-0 which of course had to be celebrated afterwards.

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Today we didn't really do anything special at school, apart from the Thai cooking class in the afternoon where we made Tom Yum Goong soup. It is a very tasty seafood soup and could be considered the bouillabaisse of Thailand.

Not that much going on this week but it's a nice change of pace after all the traveling. Don't have any large plans for the weekend either, however I have decided that I'm going to buy at least two pairs of shoes tomorrow as long as I can find the right size.

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Come fly with me

and the fair.

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Left Cambodia yesterday at 17:00 with AirAsia. Had a good first flight with AirAsia since the flight was supposed to take just over a hour but only took 30 minutes. There wasn't that much room for my legs but since I've flown with Ryanair before I was kinda used to it and expected it to some extent. Even the immigration and visa procedure went without any problems so yesterday was smooth sailing.

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Today we went to a fair. It didn't have anything to do with the Notorious B.I.G even though the abbreviation might have you think so. It was actually the Bangkok International Gift/Houseware Fair. Even though I'm not that much for accessories or interior design, I want to keep things simple, there were quite some interesting solutions to have a look at there. One thing I found more peculiar was the "Pictable", a table you can use as a painting. Or a painting that you can use as a table, however you want to put it.

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Walking Phnom Penh

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Spent most of the day walking aimlessly through the streets of Phnom Penh. Visited several markets that are scattered around the city, one of them was the central market which situated in an art deco building built in 1937. Here I also ate some lunch which consisted of something that reminded a lot of Pad Thai.

IMG_1306.jpg IMG_1298.jpg IMG_1304.jpg

I also visited a market which is situated right next to my hostel, the night market and another random market. Even though the smell and hygienic conditions at the markets are a bit unappealing at times it is still very interesting to follow the locals doing their daily shopping.

IMG_1310.jpg IMG_1311.jpg

Also had the opportunity to see two of the several public aerobic classes that occur every day here in Phnom Penh, popular amongst the local ladies to stay in shape for a cheap price.


No plans for this evening really, probably just some chilling.

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This post will be about yesterday's activities and later on this evening you'll get an update over today's activities.

"It's a holiday in Cambodia" sang the American punk band Dead Kennedys in the early 80s, a song which got another layer after I visited the Choeung Ek genocidal center and Tuol Sleng genocide museum, better known as S-21. The Khmer Rouge ruled over Cambodia between 1975-1979 and was responsible for the Cambodian genocide where about 2 million people lost their lives because of political executions, starvation and forced labor. The aim of the leaders of the Khmer Rouge was to create a purely agrarian-based Communist society.

I've been to genocide museums before but both of these sites had more of an eerie feeling over them and more graphic than the ones I've visited earlier. Choeung Ek genocidal center is quite a peaceful place today situated about 16km from the city center of Phnom Penh. The site is one of the best known "Killing Fields" where people were systematically executed and buried in mass graves.

large_IMG_1258.jpg large_IMG_1246.jpg

Quite a humble gesture to leave wristbands to honor the victims at the fields.


The official costume that the people had to wear during the Khmer Rouge.


After this I went to Tuol Sleng which functioned as a school up until 1975 when it was turned into a security prison and interrogation center. All prisoners had to have their picture taken, pictures which are now exhibited to remind the world of the cruelties of mankind. It's very eerie walking along the hallways and having hundreds of faces staring back at you.

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Later on in the evening after I had rested for a while I went out for a stroll through the city and ran into a random encounter, once again. Out of nowhere I found the "Suomi Bar Guesthouse" which is run by Timo since four years back. There were also two other Finns there and after we had watched the news and talked for a while we went to a bar where they arranged the weekly lotto, the main price was around 3000 dollars but needless to say none of us won it. After this they recommended that I would try "Katy Peri's Pizzas" which is a street vendor with an actual wood fire oven on a small kart. All pizzas were around 3 dollars, were quite big and tasted heavenly. Went back to the hostel after the meal.

IMG_1290.jpg IMG_1292.jpg

Today I'm gonna do some sightseeing by foot.

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Phnom Penh

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After a cheap full english breakfast at Here Be Dragons, the owners were quite impressed that I finished it with ease, I set out for the bus station to make my way to Phnom Penh. The bus ride was only 10 dollars and I sat next to a Cambodian guy who apparently worked with improving the irrigation system throughout Cambodia. There was also a young girl who wanted to share some of her mango and a green mystery fruit with me after a pit stop. The mystery fruit reminded of pea pods but looked nothing like it.

Arrived to Phnom Penh at 17:30 and the first impressions are that it is a city on the rise with quite a lot of construction going on at the moment, which I guess is a good thing. Quite a short update this time but now it's time to rest up a little bit until tomorrow, I'm probably going to the killing fields and genocide museum tomorrow.

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