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Yesterday was spent on the beach. We started with breakfast at a place next to our bungalows, I ate omelet with ham and cheese. Afterwards we went to lay in the sun but was a bit warm though so after laying in the sun for a while I had to retreat to the shadow of a tree. It was quite relaxing though and after a couple of hours I went for my last swim in the ocean for the day. However, the weather had a surprise in store when it started pouring with rain a few minutes into my swim. It turned out to be the best swimming session ever with the cold rain pouring down and hitting the warm water, so just fooled around in the water for about one hour or something until the sound of the thunder started to sound intimidatingly close. Sorry for not providing my own picture of the rain over the ocean but it would've been destroyed by now if I hadn't returned it to my bungalow just when it started raining. This is however how hard it rained, maybe even more, so it was like getting a tropical shower.


And a picture from my bungalow of the rain.


The rain stopped though just before the sun went down (so it only lasted for about two hours) and the evening was spent at the 15 palms restaurant eating and relaxing.

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Scooter trip

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Yesterday I did as planned and rented a scooter for 200 baht, quite cheap since I drove with it non-stop fore seven hours. I started with the west side and it didn't take long before I understood how large this island really is. The road went up and down the mountains with steep climbs and descents. Quite a demanding ride but very rewarding and really fun. Here's a picture of my scooter which had 125cc of raw power.


Here are some of the views I saw during my trip.

large_IMG_1609.jpg large_IMG_1632.jpg large_IMG_1640.jpg

And I also found a second hand store that sold, amongst other things, big and ugly bar chair and a cool paddle boat.

large_IMG_1615.jpg large_IMG_1616.jpg

At one point while I was exploring the eastern side I stumbled upon a fishing village, however the water was a bit low either due to the dry season or because of the low tide. Anyway, apparently there also was a Finnish place at this village, called Finlandia Homestay. It was closed however, probably due to the low season.

large_IMG_1625.jpg large_IMG_1629.jpg large_IMG_1626.jpg

Later on when I explored the east side a little bit more I arrived at a more deserted row and after a while I encountered this sign.


And I though that there would be a couple of potholes and maybe some cracks in the road but the road was actually broken, came as I surprise since the sign was 100m before the broken part of the road on a steep downhill.


Later on in the evening we just relaxed and during the night I watched the hockey world championship on a youtube stream. Weird watching hocky by the beach with the waves clucking against the beach.

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Koh Chang

sunny 37 °C
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Greetings. The original plan was to leave from Bangkok on Thursday evening at 23:30 but when we arrived there we were greeted with this.


Since it felt really unnecessary to go all the way back to Rangsit we decided to wait at the bus station until the next bus would depart, so five hours of waiting awaited us. Time went by fast though, some of us read, some of us played four in a row and one of the crew even surprised us with a couple of kinder eggs which was a very pleasant surprise since it was quite some time since I last had one.

IMG_1574.jpg IMG_1579.jpg

The trip down to the ferry took about 5 hours and the bus ride went well, they provided us with a muffin, a blanket and even water which came in the form of a bottle looking like a bus. The ferry took longer than expected though since it for some reason didn't leave until 45 minutes after scheduled departure. Nevertheless, we arrived to a sunny Koh Chang which is almost completely tourist free at the moment because of low season which means that the most popular beach White Sands Beach, which we are staying at, is almost empty. This gives us 2 km of beach shoreline with pristine sand and nice water. Didn't do much other than recovering from the traveling on the beach when we arrived and later on in the evening we ate some really good food, must say it was one of the best burgers I've ever eaten. One picture is the view from my bungalow, you are supposed to see the sea between the leaves of the tree but thanks to the sun it didn't really do the picture justice.

IMG_1583.jpg IMG_1588.jpg IMG_1594.jpg IMG_1601.jpg IMG_1602.jpg IMG_1604.jpg

Today I'm probably renting a scooter to go and have a look at the other beaches and the general scenery of the island. Before we left for Koh Chang the weather forecast showed thunderstorms and rain for this area but until now we have only had sun.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

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Due to the workload at school and the general lack of activities, which results in a lack of pictures, I've had a small break from making any blog entries. The past few days have been spent in the school bench, but we also celebrated labor day aka vappu to some extent earlier in the week. We went to a fancier restaurant and ate some relatively good food with some good wine and later on went to Bungalow for a drink. I've had more interesting vappucelebrations in my life but you just have to take what you get here.

IMG_1561.jpg IMG_1562.jpg

This weekend I'll be going to Koh Chang with a couple of friends so during the next couple of days you will get island updates.

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Gladstone Gander

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Yesterday was spent relaxing at the university’s pool. The weather was almost too perfect so it got a bit hot at times to just lay in the sun, but luckily enough the water in the pool was quite refreshing. As I wrote the other day the major objective of the week was to buy new shoes. I knew exactly which kind of shoes I wanted so I was quite excited when we went to Future Park later on in the evening. It didn't last long though before I started to notice an alarming trend amongst the sellers at Future Park. The largest size of shoes anyone had was 44.

So no shoes for me yesterday but we didn't go straight home after the small shopping session. We went to the cinema to watch one of the biggest blockbusters ever in Thailand at the moment, Pee Mak. Some weird twisted mix-up between a horror movie and slapstick comedy, so I guess the movie tells a lot about what Thai people are like. The movie theater had comfy seats and the general layout of the place was very nice. What wasn't nice though was the 30 minutes of commercials (not trailers, commercials) and the national song being played before the movie even started. The movie was really good though, the first ten minutes were pure comedic gold.

large_IMG_1508.jpg large_IMG_1511.jpg

Today three of us went to the biggest market I have ever been to, called the JJ market in English. It was like a big maze that seemed endless, at some point you felt like you would never find your way out. However, I managed to find some things to buy for myself, a small frog which makes a noise if you use the stick in its mouth on its back and a connect four game made entirely from wood with small round balls as game pieces. After some searching I also found a retailer that had a pair of Converse shoes, size 45. Even better, they are the perfect shade of navy blue that I have a soft spot for and were relatively cheap with the price tagged at about 25€.


Considering how my old Converse shoes look like after three years of almost constant use I guess it was about time I bought a new pair. My old ones are quite charming though, they have seen and been through quite a lot. Aaah, the stories they could tell... and besides, vem bryr sig om ett par trasiga skor när man är gammal och trött?


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